Utah on Film

Last month, I flew out to Utah to spend a long weekend with my cousin Tim, camping and hiking in the south of the state. We hit Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park—with it's creepy, Old Testament-y mountain nomenclature, with peaks named "The Great White Throne" and "Court of the Patriarchs" and "The Alter of Sacrifice"—and made a few random roadside explorations as well, parking the car and darting up a hillside or rock formation to see what we could see. Along the way, we met lots of friendly travelers—this Polish woman and her son in the first photo, Lithuanian parents traveling across the southwest with their one-year-old, a retired English couple from Bristol making their first international jaunt, and on and on—and I found that having my tank-like Pentax 67 hung around my neck was an instant conversation starter, especially with older people, who were amazed that anyone was still shooting on film.